Automating crank-operated windows

I have several Anderson awning windows that are operated by crank. I’m looking for a solution that I can control with OpenHab, but coming up empty. One problem is that searches that include the term “Windows” tend to have a lot of noise in the results.
I see that Anderson makes a power system, but it’s pricey and there’s no indication that it can integrate with a HA system. Install instructions (PDF)

Has anyone done a DIY version of this, or found other commercial options?

Did you find this website: ?

When searching, try window instead of windows, much less false positive results.

Thanks, yes, I did. It was the only DIY-type solution I was able to find. Unfortunately, he doesn’t address any of the failsafe scenarios. I’m hoping to use this when we are not home in order to allow some ventilation in appropriate weather, so I need to feel that it’ll be pretty reliable.

Perhaps reach out to the guy, make a comment over there, etc. He may share some previously unpublished insights.