Automating irrigation based on accumulated rain

hi folks,

I’m new to the community and have chosen one specific automation project to kick things off. I want to check the accumulated rain level per day/last few days and then decide on whether to run irrigation or not. Simple as that :slight_smile:

I’ve covered the accumulated rain part (netatmo is working quite well there in case you’re interested). When it comes to connected irrigation control, things have gone a bit more challenging. All I need is an irrigation controller that can accept a command over the network (and that would work in europe) but so far I was unable to find a proper one. I cannot be the only one thinking of this scenario, does anyone have a suggestion for a suitable irrigation controller?

Thanks so much for the help.

PS: I now use an old “Hunter” controller and will replace it.

Through the search function from some other threads:

Thanks so much for the links, I had seen 3 but not the other one.

For reference, I’ve also come across the following, which is interesting:

No final decisions yet so if anyone has better ideas pls don’t hesitate :wink:

I use ospi, no need to integrate with oh, though there is a binding if you do choose. there is a sheild that goes on the RaspberryPi. the software connects to the weather underground api and works flawlessly.