Automating ITHO Daalderop Ventilation Box with CC1150 module

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Hi all,

last week I came across this nice Tweakers discussion on how to “Control Itho ventilation via 868Mhz transmitter” (in dutch). It seems a great idea and there are quite some people using it.

I bought a few CC1150 modules and would like to start a DIY to control my ventilation box. The problem for me is I have zero experience with ESP and/or Arduino and I would like to develop something that runs directly from my RPI, which is also my OH server.

This is the original github link for the CC1150 module control: Klusjesman/IthoEcoFanRFT
And this is one adapted to ESP and Arduino: supersjimmie/IthoEcoFanRFT

Has anyone already tried something like this? Or anyone interested in giving it a try? I am open to suggestion/help on hot to port this to Raspberry PI.