Automower Binding (G2)

Hello, i am developing a binding for my Husquarna Automower (G2 - 230 ACX) - a lawnmower-roboter. I have a prototype running. It’s my first binding for OpenHAB. The prototype run’s fine for a certain time but then I get a problem. The execute-method ist not being executet any more.

The Binding communicates through WiFi with a Socket-Connection with the Automower.

Anyone an idea?

Any place you have the code published so we can peek at the code to get an idea what might be wrong ?

Fist: Thank you for the offer.
I think I have an idea, what the problem ist. I am reading and writing an buffer-array. The problem is that there is in common no timeout, if, for example, during the read there is a WiFi-problem. In this case the message is lost and the buffer-read waits infinitly.

Hi hueso !
Did you manage to get that automower binding working ?
I’m also looking for a way to bind my automower230ACX to openhab. Any chance you could share your binding with the community ?

Thanks in advance for the followup.

Hi Kim,
yes i have the binding running. But its more a beta version. If you want, i can send you the binding. With the binding it is possible to send the automower home and out again. It is also possible to get the actual status.

Best regards


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Am 23.07.16 um 15:50 schrieb Jim

I have a Automower 430.

You are welcome to send it to me, so that I can test it.

Hi hueso. Indeed i’m interested in the binding, even in a beta stage. I
Will keep you in touch if I manage to improve it!

Thanks for sharing!
You can reach me at Jim (@_T) foobox d0T com

Could be very interesting - I have a auto mower 330X …
What are you using to communicate with the auto mower? There isn’t any interfaces other than the 3G interface?

Hello Hueso !

Any update regarding providing the beta binding ?
I’m still very interested :slight_smile:

Thanks again !


Sorry, i am just back from vacation. I think tomorrow i will have a minute to add the binding and write a bit about how to use it.

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Am 18.08.16 um 21:01 schrieb Jim

I’m personally not in a rush, but will be happy to play with the binding.
Let us know when you are ready :slight_smile:


sorry, but I am very busy! I take no garanty for damages!!

I’am not very familar with building a Buinding, Git… So I have build the Buinding by copy, try and error until it matches my needs. If someone is familar with building Bindings, I can give him the code and he can build a 100% compatible binding :slight_smile:

I want attach the binding I made. But I was not able to upload a .jar-File. Can anyone help me? As I know, it will just work with the G2 models (ACX 220, 230…) from Husquarna.

To connect the Automower to Openhab, you need a Wlan to Serial Adapter (see pictures of my Adapter). I ordered it from direktly from china - for about 30 EUR. A german discription can be found atüber-WLan?p=262635#post262635

or just google “Wlan Automower G2”.

This is the Entry in my openhab.cfg:


Im am not sure, if you realy need the …:port and …:refresh - but i don’t think that it

This is my items-entry:

String AutomowerBefehl “Befehl: [%s]” (PersistEveryChange) { g2automower=“uid=living, bindingType=befehl” }
String AutomowerStatus “Status: [MAP(]” (PersistEveryChange) { g2automower=“uid=living, bindingType=status” }

And this is the
0=Netzwerkverb. abgebr.
3=3 Unbekannt
6=Radmotor block. L
12=Kein Schl.-signal
18=Spannung niedrig
26=Ladestation block.
34=Maeher hochgehoben
52=Kein Kont. z. Ladest.
54=Pin abgelaufen
1000=Aus LS ausfahren
1006=Maehwerk starten
1008=Maehwerk gestartet
1012=Signal starte M�hw.
1016=in LS wartend
1024=aus LS einfahren
1040=Kollision (Draht)
1050=aus LS ausfahren
1056=Wartet (Man./Home)
1058=Begrenzung folgen
1060=N-Sinal gefunden
1062=Schleife folgen
1070=Suchschleife folgen
1072=Schleife folgen

Here is a Picture of my WLan to Serial Adapter

Thanks hueso !
I’ll give it a try and let you know :smile:
Thanks again for sharing !



Back after a long while… mowing season is back too :slight_smile:
I’m intending to use the binding with a zigbee to usb (serial) adapter, not WLAN.
Is it possible to get access to the source code to modify it for that usage ?

You can contact me (/send the file if you have troubles uploading it?) on the email address I gave above : Jim (@_T) foobox d0T com
(@_T is for @ and d0t for ., you got this ;-))

Thanks again.



What WIFI hardware do you use? RN-XV or Lantronix Matchport B/G? Have you a link for the complete description how i can build the wifi hardware in the automower and put the software to the wifi hardware? I only found something for the Lantronix Matchport B/G, but nothing fpr using RB-XV.



Isnt it easier building a binding for the automower connect devices. The connect stuff costs around 200 Euro and is working without wifi through gsm. Maybe its juat not possible because of some restrictions, but I will have a look of making my automower beeing remote controlled through connect.

I am also interested in a Automower Connect binding. Now i have integrated Automower Connect with

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Example how my Automower looks in habpanel.

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Hello Michael

Your integration with automower connect looks great. I have an 430x since a few days and Im also interessted to integrate it in OH.
May you provide details (how did you add the pyhusmow?)
Are you able to control it or only get the status?

Thank you and best regards