autoUpdatePolicy seems to be ignored on XML channel definitions


One can define channels via an appropriate resource/thing xml file, provided it respects the following XSD:

In that XSD, there is the autoUpdatePolicy item that controls AutoUpdatePolicy on the channel type. This is working just fine as it is used by some addons.
But the XSD also allows to define it directly on the channel definition, effectively allowing to override the value from the channel type. This is similar to what is possible with label which I already use on some of my channels.

However, the autoUpdatePolicy value on the channel does not have any effect here. I was only able to have it work by removing the channel from the XML file and create it via code using createChannelBuilder to get an instance of ChannelBuilder over which I called withAutoUpdatePolicy

Is this something that is known?
Or am I trying to use this feature the wrong way?

I can just guess that it is something which slipped between tests while it was introduced. We probably need an update to XML mapper to propagate this attribute to the builder.

It should be fixed now by: