Available IP Cam with mjpeg stream

I need to replace a very old IP cam. I want to get one that supports the mjpeg stream, as I like the way that works with the ipcamera binding with some other cameras I have. Those cameras are Foscam and as I understand it, the new Foscam ipcams do not support mjpeg. There are a bewildering aware of choices out there and wondered what others have recently purchased that have worked well for them.

Any of the camera brands that the binding supports with API and ONVIF will do mjpeg as it is only foscam dropping that format when the other brands are supporting 3 streams in different formats at the same time. Best to check the exact model of camera as some models can do higher resolution or frame rates in mjpeg compared to others. Some are also stuck in 4:3 ratio and others can do both.

This forum has lots of knowledgeable people in it with plenty of posts to search through.

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