AVM FRITZ! Binding and magnetic door/window contact (HAN_FUN_CONTACT)

Hi all,

I am using OH 2.5.10 and installed the AVM FRITZ! Binding.

As first thing for this binding I bought a magnetic door/window contact (HAN_FUN_CONTACT) https://www.smarthome.de/geraete/smarthome-tuer-fensterkontakt-magnetisch-weiss.

I’ve paired the device with the Fritzbox and then created the thing in OH. Everything works well.

But when the contact has an action (OPEN/CLOSED) it takes 10-15 sec for OH to get a notice of the action. This is not useful for my planned project (sending a push message when the mailman opened the mailbox which is observed by the window contact).

Any idea why this takes so long?

Hi Uli,

The binding uses a polling strategy and polls for new data in a frequent interval - which by default is 15s. You are able to adjust this value by changing the pollingInterval parameter on the Thing for you FRITZ!Box. I am personally using 5s. It does not exhaust the box but provides an acceptable delay.


Hi Christoph,

thanks for the hint, runs now faster and reacts within 2-3 sec. Hopefully this is enough for the mailbox observation…