AVM Fritz Binding and Telekom Smoke detector (DECT ULE)


I am trying to use a Telekom Magenta Smoke Detector with the AVM Fritz Binding in OH. According to the docs it is one the supported devices.
However it shows up after discovery as a door/window sensor with just on contact channel (open/closed):

I then tried if at least this channel would indicate a smoke alarm and tested the device with a smoke detector test spray. The device started beeping loudly and blinking red. However the channel is just reporting ‘CLOSED’ every 15 seconds and is not indicating any alarm at all. This can be seen in my persistence database (persistence set to ‘every update’):

Is anybody using the device with OH and got it working?
According to the device manual it should also report battery level (but it seems that the binding does not support this). So at the moment I am wondering if it makes any sense at all to state this device as ‘supported’ in the docs…

Hi @vossivossi,

Do you like to repeat the test and record a DEBUG log at the same time? We can dig into it and try to figure out if there is something wrong in the binding or if really no data is available.

Thank you for the quick reply. I did the test again with debug logging activated. This time I let the device beep VERY long and did not stop the beeping shortly after alarm. So I can find the status open in the persistence DB:

However it clearly shows that this is only done by polling the state every 15 seconds, there seems to be no trigger.

A debug log is here.

I am using openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1511 (Snapshot)

Yes, the avmfritz binding uses a polling strategy. 15s is the default value. You can change the interval by adding a different value for the pollingInterval parameter.

Thank you for clarifying. Is there any chance to also poll the battery level from the device?

No, I am afraid that is currently not possible.

OK, but this means in conclusion that the support for this smoke detector device is very basic. It allows only polling the state periodically and that’s it. Originally I intended to use this device type for the complete house as it was tested good by Stiftung Warentest. But there are too many disadvantages then:

  • no battery polling by OH
  • no possibility to use it as siren by OH
  • no possibility to set auotmatic associations (as e.g. in Z-Wave) to trigger other devices

Do you have any experiences how long the battery lasts when the device is polled every 15 seconds?

No, I haven’t. I even don’t own such a device. But the problem isn’t the device itself, the problem is the interface provided by AVM. It’s - let’s say - a little bit restricted.

Ok, good to know. I was hoping that DECT ULE via Fritzbox was a new alternative but if it is so restricted then I consider the devices at 59€ too expensive compared to the Z-Wave alternatives.