AVM Fritz Binding Panasonic KX-HNS103EXW does no longer trigger the Contact Channel

for some years my Panasonic KX-HNS103EXW Wassermelder worked well via DECT-ULE/HAN_FUN with my FB 7490. When the contact pins were getting wet, the string channel of my OH Thing was triggered so I could fire a rule to send alarms and switch my pump on.
Because the real situation of a water leak is rare, I just tested my scenario. The result is, that the Fritz!Box itself sends the alarm push message as expected, but the OH thing channel doesn’t get
triggered. I tried a OH restart/reboot with no effect. I also deleted the thing and it was discovered again by the binding and is now ONLINE again.

This is the thing code:

UID: avmfritz:HAN_FUN_CONTACT:192_168_0_1:053330035860_1
label: Wassermelder
thingTypeUID: avmfritz:HAN_FUN_CONTACT
  ain: 053330035860-1
bridgeUID: avmfritz:fritzbox:192_168_0_1
  - id: contact_state
    channelTypeUID: avmfritz:contact_state
    label: Tür-/Fenster-Zustand
    description: Zeigt an, ob die Tür oder das Fester offen oder geschlossen ist
      (OPEN oder CLOSED).
    configuration: {}

My environment:

  • openHAB 4.1.2 on Openhabian on Raspberry Pi 4B with 4 GB
  • Fritz!Box 7490 with FRITZ!OS: 7.57

The DEBUG log shows this entry:

2024-06-19 18:23:57.947 [DEBUG] [l.discovery.AVMFritzDiscoveryService] - Discovered unsupported device: [ain=05333 0035860,bitmask=1,isHANFUNDevice=true,isHANFUNButton=false,isHANFUNAlarmSensor=false,isButton=false,isSwitchableOutlet=false,isTemperatureSensor=false,isHumiditySensor=false,isPowermeter=false,isDectRepeater=false,isHeatingThermostat=false,hasMicrophone=false,isHANFUNUnit=false,isHANFUNOnOff=false,isDimmableLight=false,isColorLight=false,isHANFUNBlind=false,id=406,manufacturer=0x0512,productname=HAN-FUN,fwversion=00.00,present=1,name=Wassermelder,battery=null,batterylow=null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,[],null]

but the device is discovered and ONLINE.
I found this json message for the device:

<devicelist version="1" fwversion="7.57">
<device identifier="05333 0035860" id="406" functionbitmask="1" fwversion="00.00" manufacturer="0x0512" productname="HAN-FUN">
<device identifier="05333 0035860-1" id="2000" functionbitmask="8208" fwversion="0.0" manufacturer="0x0512" productname="HAN-FUN">

Any ideas, what I can do?

Regards, Christoph