AVM FRITZ! DECT 301 + Google Home

Hello Guys,
I am new to openHABian and just ordered my stuff and will start to set it up at the weekend.

I am going to use the AVM Fritz! DECT 301 Thermostats for my Heating Control via the AVM Fritz Binding.

So in the Item Config I would add the following for the Thermostats:

Group g_LR_Thermostat "Living Room Thermostat" [ "Thermostat", "Celsius" ]
Number:Temperature LR_CurrentTemp "Temp [%.1f %unit%]" (gTemp, g_LR_Thermostat) [ "Current Temperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:aaaaaabbbbbb:actual_temp" }
Number:Temperature LR_SetTemp "TempSet [%.1f %unit%]" (gTemp, g_LR_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:aaaaaabbbbbb:set_temp" }

Now I still need to set the Modes. This is what I don’t get. Where can I do this?
The sample of the Binding Documentation includes something like that:

String LR_Mode "Radiator mode [%s]" (gTemp, g_LR_Thermostat) { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:aaaaaabbbbbb:radiator_mode" }

And the possible modes are ON/OFF/COMFORT/ECO/BOOST.

They define the Modes in the Sitemap:
Selection item=LR_Mode mappings=["ON"="ON", "OFF"="OFF", "COMFORT"="COMFORT", "ECO"="ECO", "BOOST"="BOOST"] icon="heating "

What would be an easy way to add those modes to the items since Google Assistant needs those?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Johannes,

I added a dummy item for the Google Assistant Mode and created a rule to apply my favorite temperatures to the set_temp channel. IIRC the Google Assistant send one of the following commands “on”, “off”, “heat”, “cool” or “heatCool”.

Looks like this:

String LR_GoogleAssistantMode (g_LR_Thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
rule "Apply Google Assistant Mode"
    Item LR_GoogleAssistantMode changed
    switch receivedCommand {
        case "on" : LR_SetTemp.sendCommand("21°C")
        case "off" : LR_SetTemp.sendCommand("12 °C")
        default : ...

Please be aware of typos I wrote this down in a second.

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Did you define anything in the homekit config since on the documentation of Google assistant it said you need to configure some stuff in the homekit config (do I need to install the homekit binding then?).
Or is this not needed anymore?
My Google Home Mini did not arrive yet, I just wanted to prepare everything.

No, I did not. Installing the openHAB Cloud Connector and adding tags to your items should be sufficient. The tags for HomeKit an Google Assistant are nearly similar. That is all.

Just as a side note: In the latest snapshot or milestone version it is possible to distinguish between "Switchable"s and "Outlet"s as well as "Scene"s.


I have used this example to connect my google home mini for adjusting the target temperatures in my rooms.
Everythings working fine, the value can be adjusted via voice or in the google home app.

The only problem I have at the moment is that the google home replies that he could not connect to the openhab service, in german “Der Anbieter opeHAB ist anscheinend zurzeit nicht erreichbar”

In the openhab log I see the value which is changed…whats wrong here?

Hi Thomas,

Did you add all four recommended items (1 group, 3 items) for it? Or only one for target temperature?

Hello Christoph,

I have 3 groups, one for each room.

Here is my current .item configuration:

Number temperatur "temp [%.1f]" ["CurrentTemperature"] {mqtt="<[broker:Wetter/Temperatur:state:default]"}
Number innentemp "innentemp [%.1f]" ["CurrentTemperature"] {mqtt="<[broker:Innen/Temperatur:state:default]"}

Group g_wz_Thermostat "Wohnzimmer Heizung" [ "Thermostat", "Celsius" ]
Number:Temperature wohnzimmertemp "TempSet [%.1f %unit%]" (gTemp, g_wz_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:xxxxxxxxxx:set_temp" }

Group g_ki_Thermostat "Kinderzimmer Heizung" [ "Thermostat", "Celsius" ]
Number:Temperature kiziheizung "TempSet [%.1f %unit%]" (gTemp, g_ki_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:xxxxxxxxxxxx:set_temp" }

Group g_ar_Thermostat "Arbeitszimmer Heizung" [ "Thermostat", "Celsius" ]
Number:Temperature arbeitheizung "TempSet [%.1f %unit%]" (gTemp, g_ar_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:xxxxxxxxxxxx:set_temp" }

I am new to openhab since a few weeks and I dont understand why I must use groups for the thermostat, even I use only the set_temp function.
Two MQTT sensors works without any group settings.

In the doc of the google home connector it said that you need to define a radiator mode. Even if you don’t use one. Can be a dummy item.

Ok, Thanks!

I am using OAuth authentification in my google account.
Do I need the setup like described here: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-google-assistant

I have started this setup, but stopped in the middle of this setup because some points were not clear what to do.
Like I said before the setting via voice does work, but I get a feedback from google home that the openhab service ist not reachable.

I want to control the thermostats via the Heating Cooling Mode, e.g when I say “Hey google turn on the heating”.

I also have a question to Christophs Code example from the beginning of this thread:
The case arguments of the “switch receiveCommand” should be the voice commands from the google home?

@OhNoItSJoe Thanks for confirming my unwritten guess a out a missing but required item.

Let me explain how it works. The Google Assistant (GA) needs to know an entity for the heating device. This entity has to support three properties: reading the current temperature, adjusting the target temperature and applying a heating mode. The concept of OH2 items is restricted to support one of feature per item. Thus we need a group to group three items - one for each feature - together, identified by the tags “CurrentTemperature”, “TargetTemperature” and “homekit:HeatingCoolingMode”. The group is exposed to GA by adding the “Thermostat” tag. In the moment you are talking to your GA it queries for the item inside the group ti find the matching one which can process your command. Does that make sense for you?

No, the arguments for the switch are one of the five "on”, “off”, “heat”, “cool” or “heatCool” strings.

Yes, now its clear.

But, why is the HomeKit involved to the Google Home actions?
Do I need the HomeKit Integration binding?

No, you do not.

To be honest, I do not know why the prefix “homekit” was chosen. Probably because of compatibility.

Hello again,

I have still the problem that google home reports “openhab is not reachable”, even though “hey google sync my devices” works and also setting temperature by voice is working.

Even the synced items in openhab cloud connector are working.

I have also reconnected the openhab service to the google home app for several times and made a port forwarding on port 443 to my raspberry, the problems is still there.

My .item for the Comet DECT looks like this:

Group g_WZ_Thermostat "Wohnzimmer Heizung" [ "Thermostat", "Celsius" ]
Number:Temperature wohnzimmertemp "Temp [%.1f %unit%]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) [ "Current Temperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:xxxxxxxx:actual_temp" }
Number:Temperature wohnzimmersoll "TempSet [%.1f %unit%]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:xxxxxxxx:set_temp" }
String WZ_Mode "Radiator mode [%s]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:xxxxxxxx:radiator_mode" }


2018-12-26 19:02:38.890 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - wohnzimmersoll changed from 21.0 ℃ to 23.0 ℃
2018-12-26 19:02:38.893 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - WZ_Mode changed from COMFORT to ON
2018-12-26 19:02:38.898 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - WohnzimmerHeizung_ModusDesHeizkRperreglers changed from COMFORT to ON
2018-12-26 19:02:53.416 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - WohnzimmerHeizung_Solltemperatur changed from 21.0 ℃ to 23.0 ℃

Whats wrong here?
The e-mail address from google home app and myopenhab is the same.

The tag [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ] is missing. You have to add it to the WZ_Mode item. I still recommend to use a different dummy item for it (see post 2) because the radiator_mode channel will not “understand” the command sent by GA.

So, you use only the dummy item and the rule to set the temperatures you like?
How can I seperate the different devices?

So, the item should be:

Group g_WZ_Thermostat "Wohnzimmer Heizung" [ "Thermostat", "Celsius" ]
String WZ_Mode "Radiator mode [%s]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Number:Temperature wohnzimmertemp "Temp [%.1f %unit%]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) [ "Current Temperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:119xxxxxx:actual_temp" }
Number:Temperature wohnzimmersoll "TempSet [%.1f %unit%]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:11960xxxxx:set_temp" }


I only used the voice command for set_temp, which is working, but as mentioned I get a bad feedback that the openhab service is not reachable.

No, I do not. I use all features provided by GA. Before setting a target temperature the GA sometimes tries to send a command to the item tagged by [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]. And if that one is missing you get the “OH2 not reachable” message.

Thank you for you quick response…

The dummy String with “homekit” must be alone in a seperate dummy Item or within the group where set_temp … located?

The regular Radiator Mode String with the ain must be also there?

In the same group as the set_temp item.

No, that one is independent.

Hello again,

now I have tried it on this way:

Group g_WZ_Thermostat "Wohnzimmer Heizung" [ "Thermostat", "Celsius" ]
String WZ_Mode "Radiator mode [%s]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Number:Temperature wohnzimmertemp "Temp [%.1f %unit%]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) [ "Current Temperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:1196xxxx:actual_temp" }
Number:Temperature wohnzimmersoll "TempSet [%.1f %unit%]" (g_WZ_Thermostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ] { channel="avmfritz:Comet_DECT:1:1196xxxx:set_temp" }

Still the same error, also when I add the radiator mode line with the ain number.
At the moment I dont have the rule from your example at post #2
I only try to set the temperature via set_temp, which is working correctly.
The only problem is the feedback from google…

Hi Thomas,

There is a superfluous white space in the [ "Current Temperature" ] tag. I did not recognize that earlier.

@OhNoItSJoe saw this typo in the initial post too.