AVM Fritzbox TR-064 binding / unreliable presence detection

Hi guys,

I am using this binding to realize a presence detection. It works similar as the NH binding. The binding checks the network list of the router, if the Wifi device is connected. This generally works, but there is one phenomenon:

When I leave the house, the router switches my device in the network list to inactive (which is fine). This leads to an absence in OpenHAB (via binding and a rule), which is also fine. About a minute later (I’m still not at home), OpenHAB then shows “present” again for about 5 minutes. After that, it switches back to absent and then stays absent until I return home. The interval for the binding is set to 60 seconds for polling the state from the router.

Has anyone who is using the binding and the presence detection similar problems?


Just stumbled upon this thread. I do have the exact same problem. Only difference for me it’s 1 minute rather than 5.
My fritz.box properly shows the correct status in its web frontend.

I’d like to do some debugging in writing a script that also queries Tr64 connection but was stuck in parsing the data returned from that connection. I filed a github issue but theres no track. Possibly wrong repo, or whatever.