Avm Fritzbox ... Wan block by rule


In Fritz os 7.20 New capabilities have been added. The former Kindersicherung was enriched to Gerätesperre and is also available via TR 064.

If this could be added to the Fritzbox Binding (using TR064 protocol) we could block and unblock clients from Wan dynamically by rules.

Any devs here that still work on Fritzbox Binding (using TR064 protocol)?

Looks like it should be possible to support it in the nee OH3 binding. Will check.


Can you send me (by private mail) the output of http://fritz.box/tr64desc.xml? I need to see on which device the service is located.

Will send today when Back at PC

Just if someone stumbles over this port is Missing in Link


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I hope it works. The problem is that I’m stuck on 7.13 until Vodafone updates their boxes.

OH3 Addon … mhhhh I will likely migrate not soonish. My setup is pretty big and I likely will need to need tons of time with issues after migration