AVMFritz - access FritzBox via external adress and https

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(NS) #1

I want to manage different FritzBoxes at different places with OpenHAB 2.2.0.

As long as I can use an internal IP adress, I can access the corresponding box without any hassles. But as soon as I need to access it via its external adress (DynDNS) and https, I can not get any access. Here any magic out of my things config:

Bridge avmfritz:fritzbox:1 "Fritze Remote" [ ipAddress="lalala.dyndns.org", port=443, protocol="https", password ="pwd", user="user" ] { ... }

Another try was to set port number in quotes, i. e. port=“443”, but nothing changed.

Any help?

(Christoph Weitkamp) #2

Hi queen-shit,

What happens if you type in the following URL into your browser?


(NS) #3

After having typed in this URL I get this:


(Christoph Weitkamp) #4

So far, so good. Did you get a message about an invalid SSL certificate?

(NS) #5

No, I did not get such a message…

(Christoph Weitkamp) #6

To give a short update. I tried accessing my local FRITZ!Box with https and it didn’t work either. I will investigate on this problem.

(NS) #7

@cweitkamp That would be great! OpenHAB2 would be a great solution to me to connect several homes with one single interface! Hope to hear from you soon!