AVMFRITZ: Group AIN Information in Fritzbox UI available?

Hi all,
I just created my first group on the fritzbox UI. My simple question is if there is an easier way to find out the group AIN as identifying it through http://fritz.box/html/support.html to create the group thing definition in a thing file?

Probably I am to blind/stupid to find this information in the Fritzbox UI …


In the avmfritz binding documentation can be found that the FRITZ_GROUP_HEATING thing shall provide the same channels as the AVM thermostats:

But the only useful channels - which are providing data resp. can be changed - are:

  • set_temp
  • radiator_mode
  • eco_temp
  • comfort_temp

The following channels do understandably not work:

  • temperature
  • respectively actual_temp
  • battery_level
  • battery_low