AVMFritz / Homematic: Missing fields in config?


i habe installed the snapshot of OH2 with a download made on 17.06.2016. I managed to use the AVMFritz ans also the Homematic Binding and saw alls my things after configuring my FritzBox and my homegear. (But: Homematic things where added only after a restart - is this normal?)

The I dropped my installation an tried twice to install from scrach - one time with a dowloades snapshot dated 20.06.16 and another time with a snapshot downloades 22.06.16. In both cases I did not manage to see my AVM an Homematic things because I was not able to configure the Binding: In AVM the IP field was missing, in Homematic also the IP field and one or two others …

Now I dropped everything and installe the former snapshot adted 17.06.2016 - and everything worked fine.

So something is wrong with the later snapshots? Can anybody approve?


I have installed the snapshot of 04.07.2016 - the fields are available again for me.