Avoid "wear out" of #SSD-cards in an #openHAB system

Wrote down my configuration changes on my openHABian system to avoid SSD “wear leveling”.
I’m using Ansible all over the place, so this is all written down as a Playbook. However it’s easy to extract the changes if someone just wants to do that manually.

Avoid “wear out” of #SSD-cards in an #openHAB system (configuration is using #Ansible)

Your article is an interesting read…
I suggest you research your topic a little more, starting with what wear levelling is. Here is a link…

You wrote "SSD cards are prone to a problem called “Wear leveling”. I assure you that it is a good thing and worth taking the time to learn about. You also recommend disabling a swap file on a system with very limited ram, I would encourage you to rethink doing that as a swap file with the right swappiness value will prevent a crash if your system runs low on ram.

Perhaps you will find this link also useful…

No, I don’t recommend that. I wrote down what I did on my system, and how I did that. I did that after evaluating the system for some time, and checking that I never come close to using all the RAM.
Not yet done, but this system will also end up in my general monitoring, and warn me when such a problem occurs.

I had seen the article you linked, but since I’m not using Samba on this system (there are 2 general fileservers in this network), I don’t have to tune it much. I might evaluate removing it altogether though.