Awair air quality sensor cloud api binding?

Has anyone taken on the work to make first class binding for the Awair indoor air quality sensors? I don’t mean scraping JSON from the experimental local HTTP endpoint. I mean a full OAuth cloud api binding?

I’m trying to do it now (having really not too much idea what I’m doing). I’m adapting the Foobot binding since it’s pretty close to what Awair requires.

I think I’ve adapted the binding to do more or less what it needs to do, but I don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to go through the formalities of debugging it and submitting it, so if anyone else does, be my guest. I’ll send them the code.

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In these covid days I guess there could be more interest in indoor air quality monitoring. I would like to get some data into openhab for co2 and particulates. Co would be nice too.

edit… my own solution >>>