aWATTar binding: best practise using BestPrice?

I took a peek yesterday into the aWATTar binding and now I am a bit confused as how to use the “BestPrice”-Thing.

Let’s say, I want to charge my EV at the “BestPrice”, so I add a thing for my 500e:

UID: awattar:bestprice:awattar:evLadenFiat
label: "aWATTar Bestprice: Fiat 500e laden"
thingTypeUID: awattar:bestprice
  length: 2
  rangeDuration: 24
  rangeStart: 0
  consecutive: true
bridgeUID: awattar:bridge:awattar

The longest, my 500e can charge anyways at night is 2 hours as it has the 22kWh battery. Most of the time, the cheapest hours appear to be around midnight, so I guess starting with rangeStart: 0 is not the best idea for overnight charging?
So, what’s best practise though? Using rangeStart: 0 found today between 01:00 and 03:00 was the best time slot. But of course it recalculated at midnight and the BestPrice was now today between 22:00 and 00:00. So my rule didn’t fire as intended! :wink:

What’s the best combination of rangeStart and rangeDuration to get bestPrice for 2hours for an EV-charging?

hows about
rangeStart 18:00
rangeDuration: 12
lenght: 2