aWATTar binding: Beta and discussion

Thanks for the tip with … looks like it would also cover PV charging which for the time beeing I have not really touched …
Currently I calculate hours needed when I plug in my car (with normal SOC 80% or 100% if I have a business trip planned) only for night loading
I will just double the things and select if I want to have it loaded until 6oclock or until 15:00 … will cover 95% of my use cases …

@Wolfgang1966 Thanks for this very useful binding. I would like to persist the data in a variable with timeseries support for visualization-support in grafana.
Would you please be so kind and add some functionality like the energidataservice (openhab-addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.energidataservice/ at 2a72e1cab70ffb48047017340f0405f924b6c455 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub) provides:

" Persisting Time Series
The binding offers support for persisting both historical and upcoming prices. The recommended persistence strategy is forecast, as it ensures a clean history without redundancy. Prices from the past 24 hours and all forthcoming prices will be stored. Any changes that impact published prices (e.g. selecting or deselecting VAT Profile) will result in the replacement of persisted prices within this period."

That would make your binding working for me perfectly.

Br Thomas

Hi @aMUSEd ,

I read about this persistence some time ago, and of course it would be the correct one to use for the aWATTar binding now as it is available. However, I am not sure about the future of the aWATTar binding at all. There is a far more general solution available with the Entso-E binding, so I think on the long run it will be a successor of the aWATTar binding. This binding also seems not to use the TimeSeries persistence yet, but making it available there would provide a solution for many european energy markets instead of only Austria and Germany. So if I have spare time I think I will use it to assist there instead of further maintaining the aWATTar binding.

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Hi Wolfgang,
sorry to hear that. The Entso-E binding does not gives us all the outstanding capabilities like least cost calculation for configurable timeslots and cost offsets like aWATTar handles the gross pricing. Hopefully you will find some time to enhance this binding to make it as comfortable as your aWATTar binding is.
Br Thomas