AWS and OpenHAB

Hi guys, I might be late on this or haven’t seen any documentation on it yet. Has anyone successfully managed to connect openhab with AWS?


@Yaaseen Could you describe a little bit more why and what you want to connect AWS to openHAB

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Due to security concerns, it is not recommended to run Openhab ON AWS.

@Bruce_Osborne Could you tell us more about your security concerns?

OpenHAB has no authentication or authorization system since it is designed to be run on a trusted local network.
Running on AWS exposes your smart home administration to the world to modify as they see fit.

I have some services that I am using on AWS and maybe thought there was a way to integrate the two. I’ve come across certain posts where a VM is created and openHAB run on there using EC2 on aws.

I just thought it’d be a good workaround because I have openHAB running on a Rpi3 and AWS running as well.

If there are security concerns then thats all good, just thought I’d ask the question.

for example, if I use the AWS recognition service and want to integrate that result with my openhab items, that would be quite cool.

Only if you choose to so expose it.

And how could you access it across the Internet from anywhere without exposing it publicly?

Or better, might be to host your own openhab version on AWS.

AWS IoT Core is essentially MQTT, with some nodeRED integration, and some lamda you should be able to fulfil your requirements. There is no difference in security of running services on the AWS platform, or within your own network - you have complete control over what services (if any) you expose to the external world. HOWEVER, I would always recommend to run your OH instance as close to your sensors/devices as possible, so if your internet link goes down, your rules and data acquisition will continue to function - therefore I see no point in running OH on an EC2.
Integrating your local OH platform with AWS services is a very powerful system indeed. I just cannot think of a cool usecase right now. Please keep us informed of your progress. Good luck!