B&O on openhab

Good day all
I am looking at buying the folowing

Is there a way to conect it to openhab ? I want to set it up as multi room as it has the beolink system.

There is nothing on the website about an API or third party connectivity
Did you ask B&O?

I am busy with them. All i know is that there is a app for ios and android. So hope that there is a api. They are amazing systems.

I found this.

I mailed there head office. Hope they can help. Or what do i do if they cant or wont?

Follow the steps from your link above and use wireshark

Thanks will do that. And hope fully learnt of make a binding and help others with sharing it


And the responce from b&o


Sep 27, 02:32 CEST

Dear Allen,

Thank you for contacting B&O Support.

We regret to inform you that the API is not open source and we are not able to provide this information.

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards

So reverse engineering here i come

Any progress here? :slight_smile:

welcome to the family .
I am currently busy with a contact I build up at B&O.
but it is going slow.

do you have any of they’re equipment ?

Hey guys
I found some useful information to this topic
Bang & Olufsen 3dr Party Integration Drivers And Protocols

Thanks will have a look.