Backup and Restore Concept on a new Raspberry HW

Hello allI have sine more than 2 years now a OH2.5-10 installation running on a PI 3b
Now I have orderd a PI 4+ and what to migrate all to the new Raspberry.

  1. My first idea was, only to copy the SD card and put in the new PI 4+.
    but without success because the OH interface tells me, that when try to make a update, that updates are not possible with the current installation.

  2. My secound idea was, to install a new fresh image from OH2.5.10 on a SDcard and work with a backup and restore zip file from the “old” HW
    I so installed a new image, added all bindings etc, and have restore the backup from the zip file.
    This is also without success, beause a lot of thing have bin found now as new things. So all my rules will not more work because the default name is different with original things name.

Im using shelly things and TP-Link thinngs, Hue, samsung and LG.
The new things I see only from shelly and TP-Link.

Does someone has the same experiance?

How can I make an upgrade from the HW without this hassle?


Run openhab-cli backup on your old instance. Copy the resultant backup file to the new instance. then run openhab-cli restore.

The problem is the zip file backup you created wasn’t complete. You probably only included /etc/openhab2. There is a bunch of stuff in /var/lib/openhab2 that also needs to be included in a backup.

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Hello Rich,
thanks for the feedback. But this is exactly how I have done the backup and restore.
Please see the screenshorts with the new devices and the restore of them.