Backup and Restore HABPanel

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Hi all,

just had to do a restore of my OH2.3 installation. Worked very well via the backup and restore scripts. Just one point needed some manual effort: Restoring to HABPanel config.

The current backup script doesn’t include the /userdata/config directory which I think is intended behavior and makes sense for me. All information in this folder is recreated when booting up the restored installation. Only /userdata/config/org/openhab/habpanel.config needs to be restored to get the HABPanel dashboard back.

So here is my question: Wouldn’t it be better to store the HABPanel configuration in /userdata/etc as this is included in the backup? Or is there a reason why it must be at the very same position it is right now?


I ended up writing a quick helper script to wrangle the config back after each rebuild/update.

That wouldn’t be intended behaviour, for me the scripts are correctly backing up the userdata/config folder:

> unzip -l /var/lib/openhab2/backups/
        0  2019-02-11 15:50   userdata/config/org/openhab/

You’re right @Benjy. My fault. The config folder is included in the backup. I somehow missed that.