Backup and Restore Homekit Config


is there any way to restore the homekit database and not break the pairing with your phone?
I want to move my existing textual based setup from virtualbox (debian) to docker.
Since i got around 300 items i exposed to Homekit i really would not want to import, sort and adjust icons all over again.




Hi Jonas,
please see here how to backup your homekit config/pairing:


This is why I like to register the homekit meta on the items instead of in the interface, I have lost all my homekit settings before.

Dimmer office_bulb_dimmer "Office Light" {
    homekit="Lighting, Lighting.Brightness",

My metadate looks the same.
Rooms + Icons set in the homekit app cannot be secified through OH config.

@dirk, thank you for the link, i will check it out.

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There seems to be no way to get mdns working on docker mac and since there are further limitations and i needed to update soon anyways i bought a synology ds to set up a linux based docker image for my smart home.

i hope this investment solves most of my problems …