Backup config/settings/scripts/bindings for v3 to v4 migration

Currently using OH3 on a Raspberry Pi and want to rebuild it with a clean install of OH4, but copy over the config, settings, scripts, bindings etc.

Is there a utility/script that backups everything needed and restores it on a clean-build, without having to manually install a load of stuff first?

Fully understand the bindings themselves can’t be transferred, but would expect a restore utility to look at what bindings were in use, install them and configure appropriately.

I can find plenty of forum postings about backups, but many are arguments about WHAT constitutes a backup, rather than addressing the actual process.

Have a look at OH3 → OH4 ( backup; new install with initial restore; upgrade afterwards ) ( the original title of that entry is different; but steps are listed there )

The openhabian menu entry internally uses openhab-cli backup and openhab-cli restore these commands create and use a zip file that includes all necessary OH configuration files including bindings and their setup. Stuff like external databases and their content, additional services that you added besides OH are not part of the backup.
Use a new SD card and keep the old one in case you miss anything on the new system then the old SD card can be used to extract the missing files.

Many thanks. That’s the first confirmation I’ve seen that openhab-cli backup actually backs up everything (or very close to) needed for a transfer.

Will give it a try.

Upgrade went fine, used RPi image, restored the backup (after fighting with folder permissions to copy the backup over using SMB!) and it just worked. <phew!>