Backup Openhab VM with Veeam (on ESXi-Server)

i´m running openhab inside a debian virtual machine on my esxi server.

I do daily backups of the entire openhab-vm using veeam.

Can someone help me with the settings for the backup?

I have the following options to check:

  • Enable application aware processing

  • Enable guest file system indexing

Should i check this options or let them unchecked (standard)? I´m interested in the function of application aware processing — useful for openhab?

I made a full backup of my running openhab system without this and restored it afterwards - running fine now. Didn´t see any problems yet…

in a nut shell unless you have a DB server like Postgres running inside your openhab vm it is not going to do a lot for you honestly it is primarily for ingesting the DB transaction logs and some application logs or postgres wal files
plenty to read about over on the veeam site for more info what it does and what value it adds…
EDIT this link does a decent job of explaining its usefulness and primary purpose.