Backup/restore ZWave network information

Hi @chris

Do you have any news about backup/restore plans or maybe roadmap update?

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I’ll throw my tuppence in here - backup and restore is critical functionality to have long-term. Right now I have 14 z-wave things and 109 items. In the event of the loss/destruction of my z-wave controller, I face having to rediscover all 14 things and reassociate their 129 items. As it stands, I lost my openHAB server in January when the SSD corrupted itself, but luckily the controller retained its configuration, and I had a backup of the /etc/openhab2 directory. As a result my recover time was ~3hrs, while it I had lost my z-wave controller I’d have had to climb a ladder to access some of my z-wave devices such as PIR’s.

So, in the interest of usability/functionality, I’d like to see backup & restore as a feature-add on openHAB please.
I’d be willing to assist with the testing as I do have two controller keys. There’s my value-add.

Anything new here?

I have over 80 Zwave things and I just recently accidentally deleted the ZWave Controller in HABmin while I wanted to delete another item.
As I did not know better, I had to re-add the controller and it got a new controller ID. In addition all things popped up my inbox a second time while I had to forcefully delete my already existing things.

By the way, is there a way to change the controller ID. I am using a ZMEERAZ2 Z-Wave.Me RaZberry 2.


  1. If you´re using text config files, (or items files)… All you need to do is to exhange the controller ID in the the channel with the new controller ID, whenever you have a new controller ID. It´s very fast done when using items files and having all things in one file. Just a fast copy/replace, and you´re up running again in seconds.

  2. You can also setup your controller using config file. It´s a bit tricky, cause it´s not descriped, but it works… Then you wont have to do anything, if you re-add the controller as you have already named/ID the controller in the config file.

I use the first option but has also used the second. I had to dump the second option because I ran into troubble with the serial driver. But before the mess with the serial driver, it worked perfectly.

Thank you for the fast reply.

Yes, I did a fast replace in my item files as the node IDs where still the same. The problem was more on the things side. I use my own naming convention also for the things to maintain the overview over 80 things. So I had to manually add the things from the inbox, name them and delete the old things.
But okay, no re-including at least.

For the controller I am using the discovery as stated as best practice in the documentation of the binding.
Next time I would try the manual steps, but hopefully there is no next time.

More important, how can I create a backup of my ZWave network so that I can recover my ZWave stick if the stick is broken?

I read the this may be possible with a Z-Way software but I do not know how.

You can do it with the “Z-Wave PC Controller”, free (as in beer) software from Silicon Labs. You can download it from them directly by jumping through a ton of hoops, or you can get it right here.

See this thread too, we were just discussing this exact thing. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can use the same controller id as before when adding the controller as a Thing.
So if doing this there is no need to edit anything in your config.


just seen that the ZMESerialUpdater is also able to backup and restore devices such as Razberry2 and UZB1.


./ZMESerialUpdater serialapi_ripnvm -d /dev/ttyACM0 backup.bin

./ZMESerialUpdater serialapi_restorenvm -d /dev/ttyACM0 backup.bin

Script which disables Z-Wave binding, takes a backup and starts binding again:



file=$prefix-$(date '+%Y%m%d_%H%M%S').bin
if [ -d $destination -a ! -f $destination$file ]; then
find $destination -maxdepth 1 -type f -name $prefix-*_*.bin -ctime $retention -delete
curl -sX PUT --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d 'false' $apiurl'/enable' >/dev/null
port=$(curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' $apiurl 2>/dev/null | jq -r '.configuration.port')
sleep 5
./ZMESerialUpdater serialapi_ripnvm -d $port $destination$file
curl -sX PUT --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d 'true' $apiurl'/enable' > /dev/null

Maybe it is a solution to make controller backups at your own for example with cron.

Can anybody say if there were also topology information backuped and restored?


Hi guys!

I spent a long time reading here and there forums to finally get my UZB1 Zwave stick backup & restore working …
Lots of people just struggle with this so I decided to create a small application that you can find here:

Please let me some comments on my web site under the tool download section, I will be pleased to read them and answer to your questions.




Hi @Sattaz
I have a RaZberry ZM5202 Board plugged on a Openhabian system.
Could you tell me if your application works for me, please ?
Thanks and regards

Hi @oeiber ,
Have you try a backup and restore Zwave network configuration ?
Did you succeed ?
Thanks and regards,

Hi Louis
Why not using Z-Way?
You can install it easily on your RPi: Z-Way
Stop OH and start Z-Way, you have then the possibility to backup your RaZberry, beside others.

Hi @chris4789 ,
It seems a good advice, thanks a lot.
I will try it ASAP.
Thanks again,

Hi Luis,

yes, i did - works fine.



Hi @oeiber ,
Great I have now 2 solutions to backup.
Thanks a lot,
Best regards,


I tried this tool today and it worked perfectly! Created a backup and restored it on another UZB1 stick and it worked without any issues when swapping the zwave stick on my raspberry pi with openhabian.

Thanks a lot!

There is No way to Backup a Stick in openhab directly yet, right? (And restore in Case needed)

Correct. I believe any methods used are vendor specific.

Hi guys!

All what you need to backup & restore your ZWAVE Stick is a PC and my little tool that embeds the ZWAVE . ME ZWave Programmer tool.
Check my earlier reply to this thread, there is a link to my little tool ‘ZWAVE Cloner’:

Tested with:
ZWAVE . ME ZME_UZB1 stick, Everspring stick, Aeotec z-stick gen5, Vision ZU1401-5 and Jeedom Smart Zwave controller

Some people even backed up their razberry controller (sorry in french):

The procedure to make a backup or do a restore is documented within the tool… super easy.
I made this tool because it was hard to find out how to use the original backup tools and it is so frustrating not to have a backup of such an important piece of equipment when you need it :slight_smile:
Tip: Don’t forget to test a restore of your backup on ANOTHER usb controller stick.



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You want to add it to openhab? As Part of the Binding maybe?
Would be cool to periodically/automatically create a img File of the Stick