Backup size larger after failed restart

  • Platform information:
    openHAB 3.4.1 on Raspberry Pi 3B

Sorry I pressed the wrong button.

I have a similar problem to that described in the second part of : Backup size grew large with 3.3.0 - #5 by FreddyM. After a restart (to fit a UPS HAT), I had a lot of messages:
“Some .kar files are not installed yet. Delaying add-on installation by 15s”.
I waited for some time (about 10 mins I think) and there was nothing going in the standard log files except these messages over and over again. I shutdown and started again and this time the message appeared twice only but then the startup proceeded normally resulting in a normally functioning system. However, the next backup took much longer than usual and the zip file was 380MB whereas the previous was 886KB. As mentioned in the other post, it seems the main difference is that before the /userdata/kar/ folder in the backup was empty but in the latest backup it contains a large folder openhab-addons-3.4.1 411MB in size.

I suppose it’s not very serious as the system appears to be running normally but it’s apparently wasting a lot of space and may be indicative of a problem yet to reveal itself. The other post did not offer a solution so I would appreciate some pointers on how to solve this.

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It’s not really a problem. When you restarted, apparently either OH upgraded or, more likely, the cache got cleared out for some reason. That forces a redownload and reinstallation of the add-ons.

I am not sure why it downloaded the full kar file containing all the add-ons instead of each add-on individually but if you are not running on the latest OH version, having that kar file is a really good thing. It means that add-ons will be installed from that kar file instead of going online to get them where, for older versions of OH, they may or may not still exist or have moved.

What sort of backup did you do? A full backup or a standard backup? A full backup will always grab everything from the userdata folder. A normal one normally skips a lot of these automatically downloaded files.

Thank you for this suggestion. I looked for an Edit button but didn’t spot the …

A standard backup “sudo $OPENHAB_RUNTIME/bin/backup”. I understand it needs “–full” for a full backup.

Thank you for your explanation. I’m happy there isn’t a hidden problem but it’s strange the behaviour suddenly changed. Perhaps upgrading to the latest version would help.