Backup strategy for Z-Wave network

It is certainly a good idea to have a backup of the Z-Wave controller data and a spare Z-Wave controller.

Currently my Z-Wave network is on an old DSA02203.

Is there any way to transfer the Z-Wave network from my DSA02203 to a ZWA090?

Another option would be to purchase a used DSA02203. But is there a backup tool for the transfer DSA02203 → DSA02203?

Aeotec offers a backup tool for the ZWA090:

I have used the Aeotec backup to transfer a network from a non-aeotec (Zooz) controller to an aeotec one.

Have also used the Silabs PC controller NVM backup to copy the Zooz.

There seems to be some limitation/quirk regarding the Zwave library as to what controller can work on the Silabs tool. (I could not use the Silabs copy of the newer Zooz back to the Aeotec or copy the aeotec at all.))

Theoretically, it should be possible to include the spare controller as a secondary controller and then make it the primary controller - but I have no idea how to do that with OH …

I did experiment with that idea but abandoned the project and did not take notes. Check out the aeotec fresh desk on secondary controllers. I think I used the silabs PC controller and pressed the button on the aeotec zstick to include. The backup software worked cleaner as I recall

Just for reference:

I will order a Z-Stick Gen5+ and do some research.