Badge for LowBattery

I want to have a badge for LowBattery on Location cards in Main UI Locations, is that possible?


There is no specific badge for LowBattery:

But maybe you can do something with the alarm-badge?

Yes i know that we do not have a badge for LowBattery but i think we should.
I do not want to hijack Alarm that i use for just serious Alarms.

Did you tried to add a custom icon : ?

It is not the icon that is the problem it is the logic if there is any LowBattery Points at that location.

Good point! I’m missing that too…

I also agree, that an alarm is not a valid replacement for it.
So maybe we should ping @ysc or even file a issue in openhab-webui for it.

Been on my backlog for a while. You’ll get one… eventually!


Hi All I can see the low battery badge, what is the semantic class to display this badge? I assume it was added - i’ve selected lowBattery and Power

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Hello, have you found with time? Because I’m interested!