Badge setpoint and current temp

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This post indicates that its possible to display both the current temp and also what looks to be a setpoint temp.

I have my setpoint temp defined in another area of the model (where the AC unit physically is) but the room (Living Room) has a temp sensor.

How can I display the set and current temp? I have no issues displaying the current temp, and displaying that the Air is on using the badge , but the setpoint temp isnt displayed.

I figured that I could simply make my AC unit’s setpoint item part of the Living Room location as well as the attic (where it physically is) but that doesnt appear to display it.

I believe I have my semantic set correctly as per this image:


As per

Setpoint part:

Point_Setpoint relatedTo Property_Temperature hasLocation (the location)
If no matching item found:
Point_Setpoint relatedTo Property_Temperature isPointOf (any equipment) hasLocation (the location)

so you need to have a set-point, not a point IMHO …

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nice find!!! Thank you :slight_smile: that fixed it