Balboa Binding

Yes. works with me! :wink:

@binderth what binding file are you using?

As explained above, the one of clinophobic:

Works without a problem.

Binding still works, but I found out, that mostly over night the pool doesn’t update the current temperature, as it seems to only activate circulation after use (or the filter intervals) and therefore the current temperature stays the same for hours.
Is there anywhere I can tell the pool to regularly start the circulation pump directly. I start the Jet pump for like 10seconds as this triggers circulation, but perhaps there’s a better approach?


I just setup my two balboa baths with a wifi module and got heir native app to work, however I ended up setting two differnet ssid for my wifi modules as I didn’t fin a way to switch wich tub I wanted to connect to.

After that I installed snapshot for 3.2.0 version but that one didn’t load, but nsaptshot for 3.1 version did load, but I cant get any things from that binding via oh 3 ui running OH 3.3, is there a bridge or .things file that I can work with?

HI again

I have got good use for this python scripts they make me able to do exactly what I need and want to, except for setting time, I tried python3 /path/to/script/ setttime 12 30 or 1230 but nothng really happends I can make all the other changes for light and pumps and temeprature range and settemp.

Is there something basic with settime that I am missing?

My pool is starting circulation pump every 2 hours automatically for about 2 mnutes, if “HeatMode” = "“READY”.

But regular circulation pump is cooling down the pool a little bit more. Therefore I change only at 3 am from READY to REST and 10 minutes later back to REST.

This ensure that heating is not starting by night (without sun on my PV).

During day-time the pool is all the time set to READY, that heating and filtering is possible.

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