Bar charts max value?

Hi all, i am playing around with the time based bar view of the charts. I really like the view however its pretty limited currently.
For example i do have a item with the monthly heating cost, which is updated once a day. Its rising up during the month and reset every 1th of a month. Displaying this in the bar view on month base i am getting an average value for every month. Of course this doesn’t make sense… it would be so nice to have a (min, max, average) button in the bar chart configuration. Is this somehow possible? Of couse i could use grafana but it would be great to use openhab only, because there is already the possibility for bar charts.

Simply go back to “Datenreihen” and change from average to max.

The setting gets enabled once you choose aggregated or calendar based coordinates, what’s the case for you

Thank you alot! That was exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile: