Bar graph list item?

Good morning (o;

Is there a list item that shows a bar who’s length is proportional to an items value between 0 and 1 or a percent value?

In homeassistant there is a bar card that does that:


So far I’ve seen only a HP printer widget that displays toner amount but nothing for general use.

There should not be something out of the box (at least I’m aware of), but if what you have seen with the HP printer widget will fit to your needs, than simply copy the widget code and reuse it

That is my last resort (o;

Time to get some hands dirty writing up simple widgets :wink:

Openhab is open source…

A list item with a bar in the background is just not available because nobody volunteered for creating it before.
If you get your hands dirty, maybe submit it to the widget marketplace afterwards :slight_smile:

I just added a simple progress bar widget with a configurable icon, title, header, footer, color and of course the item to be displayed

Very nice…thanks :slight_smile:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-04 um 09.33.16

Good starting point for me to turn that into a list widget to save space…

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