Bash and karaf console!

Dear Community,

Greetings, I am getting cofused about bash and karaf console, so could you please explain (or give me resource to understand) what is the difference between the user in bash and in karaf?

And how to change them all (username/password) including samba credentials ?

bash uses standard UNIX users, using the your OS’s authentication method(s).
Explaining that is out of scope here.
When you use a user/password with ssh or a console command to log into Karaf console, that’s a Karaf user.
Authentication will be matched against Karaf config. You can change password or put in a SSH key for that, see this thread.

There’s an openhabian menu option for that (except for the Karaf user I think).

Actually I had created new user using adduser command, but when I login using ssh I got the screen

So I believe I should do something to run opeHAB service ?

Using openHABian, you don’t need to add any UNIX user (that’s what the adduser command in bash does).
Everything needed is there and the service is running.

The output shown by the last screenshot is generated by a script, I guess. As I don’t use openhabian, I don’t know exactly which one, but there are only a few… as it’s user dependend, I would guess it’s executed via /home/openhabian/.bashrc