Bash script not executing


i want to execute a bash script which push a serial command over ssh to my homebridge. When i execute the script in the terminal everything is workin fine but with the exec binding nothing happens. I also get no error message in the Log. This is my config:

rule "Blind 0"
			Item Rollo_Fenster changed 
        if (Rollo_Fenster.state == ON){
            executeCommandLine("bash /home/openhabian/blinds/") 
            executeCommandLine("bash /home/openhabian/blinds/") 

one sample of the bash script:

SCRIPT="echo -e \"send 0 down\" > /dev/ttyACM0"
for HOSTNAME in ${HOSTS} ; do
    ssh -l ${USERNAME} ${HOSTNAME} -p333 "${SCRIPT}"

I have already set the permissions with
sudo chown openhab:openhab /home/openhabian/blinds/
and sudo chmod +x /home/openhabian/blinds/

Please help me

Please review How to solve Exec binding problems.

Also, realize that because you are not giving executeCommandLine a timeout argument, the script is executing silently in the background. As recommended in the thread I just linked to, add a timeout and log what the call to executeCommandLine returns.

If I had to guess, I’d say that OH doesn’t have permission to write to /dev/ttyAMC0.

Thanks for the help. I had no authorization for the user openhab and also the ssh key was only for user openhabian.