Basic UI - Blank line

Is there a way to create a blank line on Basic UI? I created a dummy text item, but there is still an icon at the front of the line.

My code for this frame is as follows:

Frame label=“Sonos - Tile” {
Image item=Sonos_CurrentAlbumArt_Tile
Text item=Sonos_CurrentArtist_Tile
Text item=Sonos_CurrentAlbum_Tile
Text item=Sonos_CurrentTrack_Tile
Text item=Dummy label=""
Default item=Sonos_Controller_Tile
Slider item=Sonos_Volume_Tile
Switch item=Sonos_Mute_Tile
Text item=Sonos_ZoneName_Tile

That’s how I create blank lines. Can you screenshot so I can see what piece you are asking about?

You can also try putting [] in the label for the item definition. Seems like I needed that also.

I will post my definitions when I get to my laptop.

I put a screenshot up…

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Just saw it. Try the [] but I need to look at mine off hand. Will be about an hour before I can check.

I just tried the brackets, no change. It’s no rush and I appreciate the assistance. I just really don’t like the look of habpanel, otherwise I’d go that route.

What about:

Text item=Dummy label="" icon="none"


Thank you!!! Works like a charm.

That will throw nuisance errors in your log (you do look in your openhab.log?) if Item Dummy does not exist.
I think you can use any real Item, since you are overriding its label state and icon displays.

Thank you. I did create the dummy item, no channel associations…

Looks SO much cleaner…Thanks guys!

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You can use icon=“none” to clean up some of the other labels as well

I am actually looking for new icons that will match those labels right now.

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Glad you got it! I couldn’t remember the other setting needed! Thanks @ranielsen!

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