Basic UI doesn't refresh with Firefox

I’m using openhab2-2.1.0-1 on a Fedora 23 Server edition; I’ve set up a simple sitemap to be used with Basic UI, containing some knx switches. The icons (bulbs and switches) are updated if I operate them via browser, but, if the status is changed manually, the page is not automatically refreshed - this wrong behaviour is only with Firefox, with IE 11 and Chrome everything is working well.

Is this a known issue? I’ll be glad to provide all other necessary information.

Is it something specific to KNX binding ?

We’ve only KNX devices so unfortunately I cannot answer your question.
I’ll make other tests and update the thread with the information I’ll collect

Please check thread Dynamic sitemap using visibility: different behavior of local access vs myopenhab access?
Maybe this is the same issue.