Basic UI Enhancement: new UI element

Hi all,

I wonder if it would make sense to provide a new ui element for the basic ui.
It should be configured similar to a group element with some child elements but with different rendering.
There is an icon/label from the group element and at the right hand side a small list with the childs (in a smaller font)


This would save some space especially in small devices.

You can already reach this using a proxy item (not with the layout suggested, but with the Information in the sitemap item).
If you would really like to have the proposed layout, you could always try to write your own front end, you have the rest api waiting for you.

The next major version of openHAB will likely completely remove the Basic UI and Paper UI.

As someone else stated, they access openHAB using the REST API anyway so you should be able to write a UI more to your liking.

The Basic UI will stay, but the new default UI that replaces Paper UI will be very powerful and provide you many means for customized pages - see as a teaser!


Thank you for the clarification. Is HABmin staying too?

This should answer your question:

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Rather confident in the admin capabilities of the new, untested UI…

Many thanks for all the infos.
I’m curious about the new ui.
Is it already part of the openhab-webui repository?