Basic UI / HabDroid Line Wrap

Hello @all,

actually playing with some of the rollershutter items.
Therefore I connected them in my sitemap with:

Switch item=Test mappings=[0="OPEN", 50="50%", 95="CLOSED"]

The problem is, that it takes too much space in one line at the UI, especially in HABdroid - so it looks not very nice.
Is there a possibility to insert a line wrap, that the switch items are below the text?
Means: Label in one line and below one line only for the switches.

Thanks for hints

Unfortunately the answer is no.

Hmmm. thanks for the information.
Is there another possibility available?
Smaller text size, button size, e.g.?

How do you use more switch buttons on the HABdroid UI?

There are no solutions that I’m aware of short of using shorter labels and/or fewer Mappings so it all fits on one line.

Unfortunately I just don’t think that Habdroid (or the iOS app for that matter) are designed for this use case.

What you might be able to do is create a separate mobile sitemap with fewer buttons or trying out one of the alternative UIs like Habpanel.