Basic-ui left panel APP

In the App, the basic-ui, when the phone or tablet its horizontal show a left panel with first frames.
There are any way to open this panel in a web browser?


I do not understand.
By app, you mean Main UI?
Can you please join a screenshot showing your problem?

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You are certainly talking about Basic UI and not Main UI.
But what do you mean by panel exactly?

Yes. Basic-ui

What you are showing is certainly the Android app but not Basic UI which are 2 different UIs.
Please adjust your thread title.

Now tha we see what you mean by left panel in the Android app, what is your problem or your request exactly?

@mueller-ma @maniac103 for information.

I guess he wants this ‘two-level’ interface to (optionally?) also be used by BasicUI.

Yes, can get this ‘two-level’ interfece in BasicUI on browser? FullyKiosk?

I thought it was the same interface on APP and web browser because it came from sitemap…

As of now: no. The ‘two-level’ interface is an implementation of the Android app only. The displayed content is not just a web page displaying BasicUI :wink:

This is one of the big difference between the Android app and Basic UI. This two level mode is not planned in Basic UI. This would require a big change I believe. And I don’t know if there is a contributor interested to implement this option.

Ok. No problem. I’m happy with Basic UI too. I was just asking because I didn’t know if it was an option that I couldn’t find.


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