Basic UI, TTS and more


Time for a short update again:

In the past few days there were a few new stable ESH builds that brought a couple of new things to openHAB 2, see all details here.

Let me highlight some of the improvements (all part of build #519 onwards):

  • The Basic UI now correctly handles state updates and does not lose the formatting anymore. This was of the last major issues before Basic UI could be considered as a full alternative to the Classic UI - I think many people will be happy about this :slight_smile:
  • Text-to-speech is now fully migrated to the new ESH infrastructure. Note that 1.x TTS engines do NOT work anymore. The only options right now are therefore MacOS-TTS and MaryTTS. If you would like to provide further implementations, they should be contributed here. The good thing about the new infrastructure is that TTS is now fully decoupled from the audio output channel, i.e. it will soon be possible to use the different TTS engines not only on the local sound output, but also on Sonos, Squeezebox, Chromecast, etc.
  • There were a quite some improvements and fixes on the Paper UI, e.g. wrt support of different browsers (IE and Edge now supported with the only constraint that events are not yet working).
  • The AudioSource exception on Linux at startup is solved, so you can safely use the snapshots on the RaspPi again.

Best regards,