BasicUI chart is very low res

if I look at an Item in the BasicUI, it displays with very few values. One every hour or every two hours.


When I look at the same item in the MainUI, it looks like this:

So there is probably nothing wrong with the persistance service as the data seems to be there. The Basic UI does just not show it.
Sitemap entry is:

     Text item=EHZWirkleistung                           label="EHZ Wirkleistung [%.0f W]"      icon="energy"            valuecolor=[>0="red",<=0="green"]{
                Chart item=EHZWirkleistung   period=8h service="influxdb" refresh=99999999 legend=false }

I remember that this used to work before with OH2.5, I cannot pinpoint since when it stopped exactly. I think this is since OH3.0.1 but I am really not sure. I have not touched the sitemap for ages.

EDIT: Just found the issue. I leave the post in case someone else runs into it.
The problem was in fact persistance. I used INFLUX since OH2.5 but the standard persistance became rr4dj with OH3. So I moved all the groups in my items file to be persisted by rr4dj. Somehow - that part I have not figured yet, influx is still persisting something.
I have not changed the sitemap of the basicUI so it was still fetching the values from INFLUX.

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