BasicUI - Chart not updated on Switch event


I use below setup to show a Chart with BasicUI.
For unknown reason the Chart isn’t updated when changing the different Time Scales using the switch, in Firefox, Safari, etc. This was working previously but stopped to work suddenly.
I always have to manually Refresh the page to get the Chart view updated.

With IOS App on iPhone the Chart is properly changing the view when clicking on the Switch buttons.

Any clue what can cause this problem?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

// items:

Switch Outlet1 "Schalter " { channel = "avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_210:1:xxxxx:outlet" }
Number Power1 "Aktueller Verbrauch [%.2f W]" { channel = "avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_210:1:xxxxx:power" }
Number Energy1 "Gesamt Energieverbrauch [%.3f Wh]" { channel = "avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_210:1:xxxxx:energy" }
Number Temperature1 "Temperatur [%.1f °C]" { channel = "avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_210:1:xxxxx:temperature" }

Number Chart_Zeitraum_h_4h_D_W_M_Y

// sitemap:

			Frame label="Waschmaschine" {
					Switch item=Outlet1 icon="poweroutlet"
					Text item=Temperature1 icon="temperature"
					Text item=Energy1 icon="energy"
					Text item=Power1 icon="energy"
				Switch item=Chart_Zeitraum_h_4h_D_W_M_Y label="" mappings=[0="1 Stunde", 1="4 Stunden",2="Tag", 3="Woche", 4="Monat", 5="Jahr" ]
				Chart item=Power1 period=h refresh=60000 visibility=[Chart_Zeitraum_h_4h_D_W_M_Y==0, Chart_Zeitraum_D_W_M_Y=="Uninitialized"]  
				Chart item=Power1 period=4h refresh=60000 visibility=[Chart_Zeitraum_h_4h_D_W_M_Y==1]  
			    Chart item=Power1 period=D refresh=60000 visibility=[Chart_Zeitraum_h_4h_D_W_M_Y==2]
			    Chart item=Power1 period=W refresh=60000 visibility=[Chart_Zeitraum_h_4h_D_W_M_Y==3]
			    Chart item=Power1 period=M refresh=60000 visibility=[Chart_Zeitraum_h_4h_D_W_M_Y==4]
			    Chart item=Power1 period=Y refresh=60000 visibility=[Chart_Zeitraum_h_4h_D_W_M_Y==5]

Can anyone support? :worried:

Try replacing “Uninitialized” by NULL.

But this Unitialized should only be the default, if no other switch was pressed.
I have the same problems here with latest OH2.3 stable, BasicUI in a web browser.