BasicUI & HABPanel restarts every minute

Hi All,

Having this issue since a few weeks now, and can’t seem to get rid of it:

  • The issue with the “plugwiseha” is not the cause, I uninstalled it, and it was also not solved.

It affects my HABPanel, as it gets disconnected almost constantly.
I didn’t find a similar post, and googled the hell out of it already, that’s why I come to ask this question here.

If any more info required, I’ll post it, but I’m not gonna start uploading everything irrelevant here…

Many thanks in advace & kind regards!

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Saw that one passing by as well, but didn’t find any relevancy.
I couldn’ clean it up anymore than this, I guessed:

binding = astro, buienradar, daikin, harmonyhub, hue, ipcamera, kodi, modbus, network, ntp, openweathermap, plugwise, plugwiseha, shelly, sonos
ui = basic, paper, habpanel
persistence = mapdb, rrd4j

Anything else to try?

You are sure you checked addons.config down in userdata? Many people check addons.cfg in the configuration area,

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the “addons.config” looks ike this:

binding=“astro,\ buienradar,\ daikin,\ harmonyhub,\ hue,\ ipcamera,\ kodi,\ modbus,\ network,\ ntp,\ openweathermap,\ plugwise,\ plugwiseha,\ shelly,\ sonos”
persistence=“mapdb,\ rrd4j”“org.openhab.addons”
ui=“basic,\ paper,\ habpanel”

Anything suspicious in there?

What are all these backslashes doing in there? Should look like this:


What editor did you use to show that content? Please use an ascii editor, not ms word or something alike.

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What are all these backslashes doing in there?

The addons.cfg file had spaces in it, that’s here they apparently come from.
I removed them, but still no change

What editor did you use to show that content?

I opened the file in Visual Studio code, where I always do my editing:

Please remove them:

and make sure your VSC is set to UTF-8 (lower right corner):


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Removed them, no luck.

UTF-8 was like that…

Did you restart OH after changing?

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Not only the spaces, also the backslashes :slight_smile:

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Yep, everything. Looks like this:

After full reboot, no result… I even cleared the addons.config file to only the bindings but it kept happening.

It looks as if there’s a conflict somewhere with 1 action installing it, and another to remove it. But as far as I know, it can only be done in the PaperUI OR in the addons.cfg-file. Is there another file that’s maybe trying to uninstall it?

I would remove all bindings and install one after the other.

openHAB caches the addon in ormation in its addons.configmfile I mentioned earlier. That is a third option.

Indeed, so looking for another location where it could go wrong, would be a waste of time.
I restored a previous backup from about a month ago, and hope it will have gone. I guess I’ll never know what I did wrong :wink:

If that still fails, I’ll start from scratch with a clean install, with building up keeping in mind everything I learned…

Restore of a previous backup didn’t do the trick, so apparantly it’s been going on for a bit longer. Unless someone can point me in the right direction, it’ll be a fresh install…

Strange to be the first one to start a topic about it, so I guess it’s either a rare phenomenon, or previous posts about it are hard d to find.


**EDIT 14/12/2020: It seems that the app on my Samsung Tab, “Habpanelviewer” isn’t running at the moment, and the error in the logs seem to have dissappeared. I’ll investigate this further and keep this post updated. I only get them when I edit the HABPanel and save/run it. So those are controlled-logitems.

There are several posts about it but already a bit older: it was almost always a problem with the rest docs changing their location from misc to ui.

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There were plenty of them a year ago due to upgrades to 2.5.

read about +1k of articles, and none of them showed up in my search.

After a fresh install problem has gone for now, guess it had something to do wit the app “HABPanelViewer” and m installation that was already fiddled around with for the last few months…