BasicUI mappings onclick no refresh


I’m running on openhabian snapshot build #1137 and i dont know if its a bug or something on my side…

if i change (click on) mapping buttons on the sitemap, the status changed and the command is sent… but in browser (chrome) the webview is not changed… i need to reload the page to get the correct image…

But in Habdroid it works with every onclick…

also tried other browser with no effect…

is it just me? or is it supposed to be this way?

any help is much appreciated.


    Frame label="Wallplug" {
		Switch item=LR_WP_SWITCH
		Text item=LR_WP_SENSOR
		Text item=LR_WP_WATTS
		Text item=LR_WP_KWH
		Switch item=LR_WP_RESET_POW
		Switch item=LR_WP_ALARM_POW
		Text item=LR_WP_WATTS icon="calendar"{
				Switch item=Combo1_Panel mappings=[LR_WP_WATTS="Watt", LR_WP_KWH="kWh"]
				Switch item=Combo1_From mappings=[HOUR="Hour", DAY="Day", WEEK="Week", MONTH="Month", YEAR="Year"]
				Webview url="http://openhabianpi:8080/static/demo-combo1.html?dashboard=Test&fromItem=Combo1_From&panelItem=Combo1_Panel&refresh=5000" height=9


Switch	LR_WP_SWITCH		"WP Wohn Switch"		<switch>	(gLR, gSwitches)								{channel="zwave:device:bc844ec8:node13:switch_binary"}
Number	LR_WP_SENSOR		"WP Wohn Sensor Power"				(gLR, gSwitches)								{channel="zwave:device:bc844ec8:node13:sensor_power"}
Number	LR_WP_WATTS			"WP Wohn Watt"						(gLR, gSwitches)								{channel="zwave:device:bc844ec8:node13:meter_watts"}
Number	LR_WP_KWH			"WP Wohn kWh"						(gLR, gSwitches)								{channel="zwave:device:bc844ec8:node13:meter_kwh"}
Switch	LR_WP_RESET_POW		"WP Wohn Meter Reset"	<switch>	(gLR, gSwitches)								{channel="zwave:device:bc844ec8:node13:meter_reset"}
Switch	LR_WP_ALARM_POW		"WP Wohn Alarm Power"	<switch>	(gLR, gSwitches)								{channel="zwave:device:bc844ec8:node13:alarm_power"}

It would be helpful to see the relevant parts of your sitemap and relevant Items. I can’t say I can answer the question even then, but I can’t with the information provided.

first post edited with code samples…


with changes from here and following comments… and Thanks to wborn for his patience and help