Batterielevel Handy or Tablet

Hello and merry christmas,

I am using openhab 3.4 in Docker on a Synology DS918. I installed the Openhab Android app on various end devices (tablets, cell phones) to display the battery levels. Since the update to OH 3.4, I always get the error message “Authentication failed. Please check the configured username and password or the specified SSL client certificate (HTTP code 401).”

Excepetion Stack: org.openhab.habdroid.util.HTTPClient$HttpException.Unauthorized

I haven’t made any changes. Can anyone tell me how to fix this error message, or are there other ways to query the battery levels (e.g. without an Android app)?

Perhaps you need to configure an API token? When upgrading to OpenHab 3.4 (from OpenHab 2), I found that I needed to create and use one for my OpenHab API access.

After you sign in to OpenHAB with a web browser, click your name in the bottom left side of the web page. It should lead you to ‘/profile’. From there, you can create an API Token.


Thanks for the hint. I had already configured an API token, unfortunately without any effect on my problem. However, I found a solution for myself:

Settings → API Security → Allow Basic Authentication = enable