Battery Icon Level to Battery level in a number

Hey guys,
is it possible to show the percentage battery value from an innogy smarthome component?

I mean, the battery icon shows different battery level. But the datatype from the thing is Switch not Number. Where get the icon the values?

The problem i have is that the Radiator thermostat only have a battery status channel for “Battery Low” and i can combine that with a switch so … “Battery Status Low?” -> Switch Off / On
That is a little bit inaccurate

As far as I know the information is simply not provided by the innogy API.

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You can use a transformation to display “OK”/“Low” for state OFF/ON.

You can make a custom dynamic icon set (using battery images) for states OFF/ON.

a value would be nice. Like "battery power: 27% "

I did not understand where the icon get the values. I want to “extract” this information and put it into a numeric value

I am not sure I understand what you want to do.

You have a switch item that is on when battery is low.

You want it to give a percent value.

Is your thermostat reporting this value or can it?

As I said. Not reported by innogy, so not possible. Unfortunately…

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So after looking at documentation


This answers your question it is a binary state you receive from the RST and is a limitation of the device.

Actually it is accurate it just doesn’t have the resolution you desire but can still be very useful.

I wouldn’t even display this information. What you could do is use a rule when this item is triggered to send you a notification that you need to change the battery in the device.

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Thanks for all the fast replies and the Information!

@denominator I need to say it would be interesting for me to know how much power does the battery have. But the notification thing was my plan B too.

Yes the device need to send that data to you to make it accurate you could make an educated guess and depending on what brand of batt you use this time you can setup AI to track usage.

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