Battery Levels

Yesterday I worked up a python script that collects battery level percentages from about a dozen different sensors I have using some curl commands to the openhab rest api.

Door, temperature, a couple of remotes and that sort of thing. The script returned those values through a check_mk_agent to monitor battery states and let me start collecting states for graphing over time and allow me to see battery performance.

This morning while working on a different bit of code that also talks to the api I just noticed that all but one of the battery levels has started returning NULL instead of a percentage. Tried to heal one device that didn’t make a difference. Used a nanomote quad and it started reporting battery level then. Opened a couple doors so the sensor would activate but neither started reporting after that.

None of the batteries were close to being drained, the one nanomote at 22% was the lowest. The next lowest that I recall was in the mid 70’s%

How do I get these devices to restore that battery percentage?

After a couple hours and some activity on four of those sensors the battery levels have come back. But a handful are still not reporting the battery level.

not sure about your devices but in general battery driven devices report the battery level very rarely (usually sufficient because it’s not changing a lot). Some of my zigbee devices need one day to report the proper battery level.