Battery powered window shades

Dear Community,

Does anyone know some battery powered window shades that can work without a cloud and can be controlled from openHab?

Hunter Douglas PowerView also known as Luxaflex.

I just had another thread about blinds where someone pointed out that the Bali Zwave blinds worked well and were less expensive than the Hunter Douglas. Somfy also got some discussion in that thread.

I haven’t tried either yet, got distracted by work and security cameras.

Exposes: cover, battery

I have Bali battery powered z-wave blinds
They work well, and are responsive. They are not silent but not annoying.

I have several extra Lutron Pico remotes and a Lutron Casata pro hub. The Pico remotes work well as an on wall remote.

I have a Bali PREMIUM remote. It’s a worthless piece of crap

I have a z-wave usb stick and use the z-wave binding

The bali batteries are lithium, rechargeable, and last about 8 months a charge.

IKEA Fyrtur works fine with zigbee binding.

Thank you all for your suggestions.